pexels-photo-372098.jpegTo me I AM, the biggest name yet to come
I said I was mad , but it was just because I didn’t feel loved
I feel like I should ran , perhaps I should just keep slow and stick in my van
Told them I’d burst, burst because my thoughts are like a series of outbursts

You wanna hold my hand , I appreciate but you wouldn’t last for long because everyone is all about their brand.
Had alot to say to the world, but then i realised that I didn’t have the capacity because everyone seems to be in their own world.
So more often than not I’ll try to share my world, because truth be told I only find myself writing when I’m sad.

Talk to me and I’ll tell you who you are, you may nod your head ‘no’ but I am just about that.
She smiled at me and I told her I don’t do trash, asked me “what? ” and I pointed to the joint in her purse.
Definitely I know who I am, or mabye I’m still trying to figure it out because everything these days seems to be a scam.

I’ll tell myself that I’m my biggest fan, when the nights are lonely and I feel like I’m in a blur.
I’ll hold on to my dream because my time ain’t far, they will raise their voices and say that I’m the one
But for now I AM, the biggest name yet to come.



pexels-photo-356079.jpegSoo I haven’t written in a while, why you ask? Well let’s just say that I have been busy experiencing life . I know right? Life. What gives, though why is life soo weird , today I’m happy, better of, hopeful for a better tomorrow, only to get to another day that is unbearable.

I feel like I’ll definitely write a book, but for now let me just keep building up the story via living life! I’m writing this article because, this journey AKA life is pretty Amazing.

Don’t get me wrong when I say Amazing I don’t necessarily mean great, not at all. Matter of fact, I find it weird that life easily engraves your worst moments in your head . This is true in my opinion because, how cheap is it to get sad? I mean all I need is to think of my dead pet and I’m fully swimming in tears.

I have learnt that the truth always hurts but the fact is never wrong. So let’s face it, life is unfair, mmmh, sounds harsh huh? But trust me that’s the truth. Many of us know this and the sad thing is that we hold on to this thinking, “why do I have to try, when life can’t give me a chance.”

Have you ever found yourself saying or even thinking that life is too difficult. Well the fact is, not everyone thinks that and while you are at your thoughts the thing is there are people enjoying life ,with happy families, stable relationship and untamed wealth.

So you wanna improve your life start looking at this people, better yet ,draw your inspiration from this people, because they are just like you, they breath God’s free air don’t they? They say, no one stops you from climbing a tree unless you decide not to… Actually…nobody says that, but I just did, makes sense right?

I’ll have you know that when I started writing this article, I was not certain where I was going with it , but looked at how it turned out , pretty good huh? So its all about you, get up and start thinking positive , I mean, WHY NOT? Don’t be shy to cry out, it only makes you stronger.


FROM THE INSIDEpexels-photo.jpgThe inspiration so real ,the liberation for me. I wanna share my all, somehow I have to do it on my own.

My love for art, got me alive and sometimes hurt. My heart beats, for sure there’s alot i want to teach.

This outburst, in my heart has got me all smarts. Always introspecting , about what they all expecting.

I’m I stupid, to think that I’m the most cupid? Thought I knew, so I’m not surprised that I’m still new.

All I need is your hand, so help me build my brand. At times I cry, but what the heck if I’m destined to fly.

I’ll sleep through the night, and see my castles shine bright. Deep in my thoughts, my emotions feel self taught.

I guess this is how i feel, so I’m not at all sorry for being me. Things we do out of passion, may just be our biggest concussions.

So I’ll hold on and feel the pain, because all I’m doing is for me to gain.


TEMPTATIONpexels-photo-883441.jpegDeep inside I know I’m lying, so what’s the point if at all I’m trying.

I get the feeling that I’ll be fine, but still I’m starving to give it a try.

Temptation why pull me soo down, I guess the intimidation is what you are about.

I’m trying soo hard to be me, but still you have the guts to try me.

Cheap that’s what you are, how dare you come and make me mad.

So I’m done with you, knock on my door and I’ll slam at you.

Temptation , such a blood issue.


pexels-photo-875722.jpegI sit in the open space and look to the sky, so blue with patches of cotton clouds all over, I feel the wind strong to move the trees, yet cannot be seen. How Superior you are MY SUPREME.

you created me in your own image, you loved me even before I knew you, everyday I sin against you, yet you live inside. How Merciful you are MY SUPREME.

When I am down, you pull me up, when I am hurting you heal me, when I am losing hope you give me a reason to push on, when all are against me you endeavor to be there for me. How great is your Love MY SUPREME.

In the open space I’m sitted looking around, the sun sends its rays abruptly down to the earth, the mountains stand tall at your word, the rivers flow at your command, yet your love is felt by we the sinners.

I stand, stretch my arms wide, I suddenly feel worthy of your love, I feel blessed but cant thank you enough, I humbly ask you to guide me and never let me go astray. Thank you MY LORD . Thank you MY SUPREME.


pexels-photo-236229.jpegI gave my life to you, swore I would die for you, only to realise that i was just but a fool.

Believed every word you said , thought I was one of your craves. How you made things happen, thought for sure I was one of your beloved.

Why are you doing this to me, all I do is stare at your photos and wish that you were there for me.

I learnt the hard way , so now I am going to play it my way. Gave me up ,so don’t you dare call me up .

My heart is heavy , of how you pulled my strings while i wasn’t ready . So i hope your happy , while i hold on to this napkin, I’ll wipe my tears and pretend that I’m happy .

One day you’ll look for me, and wish that you loved me. Thank you for all you gave me ,somehow i wish you made me feel like your baby.


www.life’s paradox.com

“Life is all about you. ” These are the words that linger in my head every morning when I take sight through the mirror. Many will argue that that’s not true ,but hold up and give me a chance because I’m not yet through.

In highschool my ametuer stages were not easy, I had just started and i had no idea of who I really was . For me, life was all about waking up and taking on what it offered .Basically life did not really have a meaning it was all about sleep, wake up ,school, eat and the whole cycle all over again.

Slowly but gradually I began trying to fit in, trying to be like my peers, trying to impress and trying to be the guy. However, more often than not ,I felt lonely as if a lacuna was upheld deep down within.

“Who I’m I ? What I’m I meant to do in life? ” Suddenly strange questions began dominating in my mind . Time is the healer of all pain and true to that I rediscovered my worth as time went by.

The truth surely hurts and as much as we would hate to hear this, fact remains that life is unfair. Many at times we cry because of unexplainable circumstances that are not at all right : death, sickness, loss of jobs, lack of resources and poverty these and many more are the bondages of life .

However, life’s beauty is the choices that are assured in every situation. Someone once told me that your achievements are the results of your mindset. Life will knock you hard but its how you look at every situation that will enable you to craft.

So if you think about it , life is really all about you, take full advantage of the choices put forth by life in every of your situation and forge forward to making your resolutions.